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Bien mais...

Does not support multi-screen // Ne supporte pas les écrans multiples —> Asking for a word definition from one screen doesn’t open translate tab automatically on the other screen. Setup was: select a word on fullscreen safari and use popclip extension. Translate tab on the other screen highlights but do not open. Once opened, the translation is there though...

Great app — New update awesome

Great tiny app used it for a while now!

Really nice, but...

Hey! I really like the translate tab, but very often when I click on it, the selected language is Afrikaans, could you fix that? It would be great to select the most used language combinations, also. There are still several bugs, I will give you a better rating again if you fix them. When pasting text into the translator tag it does not behave normally. On one hand the language changes afterwards randomly (?) and the speech function does not work. It sounds like the voice says completly different words but I cant really say if these are really words or just some random stuff?! What also happens is, that when I e.g. trananslate from A to B and switch to B to A, then it kind if behaves like B to B (the result is also not completly, somehow). Im using that thing every day and I already wrote a message to the developer (few month ago) without an answer or update.


It is really great, and it is not like Tab for Facebook. It is optimized! BUT! Developers, why my window of application always minimizes and maximizes for more variants of word! That is… bad. But 5 star anyway - Google Translator the BEST


Amazing piece of software, worth more than 1$ :)

Sweet App!!!

No more language barrier. I can finally communicate with family overseas that cant speak or read english.

Most of the content is cut off so I cannot actually use the app

The App opens very small, with no way to re-size. All of the options buttons are cut off (language menus, “translate” button). Have tried closing/restarting the app, but appears to be staying like this. Impossible to use at all- very disappointing for a $4 app, especially considering that I have the actual Google Translate app on my phone working perfectly and for free. Hopefully there will be improvements soon…

Great update!

Thanks developer, I was just about to delete this app but it seems you’ve fixed all the problems that were affecting me.

Translation and dictionary combo!

Excellent app that not only helps to translate paragraphs of text to many languages but also works as an excellent dictionary. The most recent language options are always available for quick selections. The window can be pinned so that it would not hide automatically. Hugely recommended!

couldnt live without it

Love it, helps me on a daily basis


Yes it’s got updated to new working version, works great and super fast, thank you for update. Please make it the same for Windows, I switched to Window now :)

Not Bad!

ステータスバーのアイコンなどのちょっとした画像たちをリティナ対応してくれたら言うことなし。 このアプリはPopClipとのコンビネーションで威力を発揮すると思う。 I have one order, Please fix images (example, status icon) to Retina MAC. I dont like not beauty status icon very. But this app is very useful with another app "PopClip".

Need slight improvement.

頻繁に利用するので、コンテキストメニューからテキストを送るのが億劫です。 「Show/Hide Shorcut」時に選択したテキストを貼り付けてくれると大変捗ります。 (PopClipとの連携もありますが私はショートカット派) その他は気に入っています :)


自分の環境ではちゃんと起動してます。El Capitanの10.11.5です。 言語のオプションが多すぎて邪魔なのが唯一の不満です。 Works great, but I wish I could delete the presets of which language to translate the text as, since I only use like four out of them. The rest is just there to annoy me tbh.


So easy and so fast

Not Very Useful

İt works but this app don’t have transparency and small screen option so not very useful.

bug var - reporting a bug

(ENG) - Using MacBook Air -2013 with Os X El Capitan and when I start up my computer the Translate Tab App, Automatically show up on the bottom-right on the screen. It must be fixed. (TR) - Bilgisayarımı başlattığımda uygulama ekranın sağ-alt tarafında açılıyor. Bir kısmı ekranın dışına taşmış olarak. Acil düzeltilmeli

Not updated since 2012

Not designed for 10.9 OS X. Otherwise works OK.



Pease Update!

Dear Author, its time to update such awesome app, because Google have changed their mockups and its time to enhance the usability. :)

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